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Why Organic?

Everyone wants a great looking lawn, but some people prefer an alternative to chemical treatments. We provide a comprehensive Organic Lawncare program using only all-natural products. Organic fertilizers promote lush, healthy lawns which are safe for people, pets & the planet. These days many of us are aware of the potential harmful effects of chemicals, whether they are in our food or on our lawns.

The focus of Organic Lawncare is creating healthy soil, which in turn grows great looking grass. Your lawn is only as good as the soil in which it grows. Organic Lawncare enriches the soil with complex nutrients, microorganisms, worms and other beneficial life forms. All-natural treatments boost plant health and disease resistance. It reduces soil compaction and limits opportunities for weed growth. Chemical lawn treatments utilize quick acting high nitrogen fertilizers and herbicides, as well as insecticides and fungicides.

Current research indicates many lawn chemicals may contribute to long term health problems in humans and other animals and insects. It’s time to start taking measures to preserve our health and the environment—and Organic Lawncare can be a step forward!