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What We Use | All-Natural Products

ORGANIC FERTILIZER | Composted Poultry Manure


WHAT IS IT? Our organic fertilizer (4-4-2) is composted poultry manure, a great source of natural nitrogen and calcium (9%). It is a granular product applied to the lawn with a spreader.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Since our fertilizer is from a natural animal source it breaks down slowly to provide steady plant and root growth. Synthetic fertilizers release nutrients too quickly which creates excessive grass growth without giving time for strong root growth. Chemical fertilizer run-off can also contaminate water sources

SAFETY CONCERNS? No—composting is the key. The poultry manure is composted to a temperature high enough to kill diseases and pathogens but still retains the beneficial microbes. This product comes from an egg producer who responsibly recycles their waste in a safe and sustainable manner, and we are happy to support their efforts. This fertilizer product has been OMRI approved. That approval indicates it is safe for use on organic food production farms. Lawns can be walked or played on immediately after application.

WEED PRE-EMERGENT | DDG (Dried Distiller's Grains)


WHAT IS IT? DDG is a soil amendment made from 100% natural grains (4-3-2). It is a by-product of Ethanol production. DDG is a granular product applied to the lawn with a spreader. DDG works as a pre-emergent and only affects new weed seed growth, not established perennial weeds. This product is not an herbicide and will not kill weeds.

HOW DOES IT WORK? It works biologically by providing microbes and fungi with large quantities of food material, which allows them to go through a powerful population explosion in the soil. These microbes and fungi then feed on the tender roots of any newly sprouting weed seeds. They will either consume the new roots or severely stunt their growth. Research has shown DDG to be on par with the weed management properties of Corn Gluten. It will work to suppress the majority of new weed seed growth and has an active window of 10-12 weeks. DDG is applied in early spring and early fall, when the majority of new weed seeds germinate.

SAFETY CONCERNS? Since this product is made from 100% natural grains it is completely safe for humans and animals. Lawns can be walked or played on immediately after application.

TAKE NOTE! If you are planning to re-seed your lawn, please let us know. We will switch your DDG treatment to Organic Fertilizer. DDG will suppress any new seed growth, weed or grass.



WHAT IS IT? Fiesta is a mineral based bio-herbicide whose active ingredient is chelated Iron (FeHEDTA). We spot spray established Dandelion plants with a backpack sprayer.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Iron is a naturally occurring mineral that plants need, but Fiesta gives them a mega-dose that quickly kills the weed down to the root (typically within 24 hours). While it can have some affect on other broadleaf weeds, it is most effective on Dandelions. Fiesta does not kill grass. For optimal weed control results we recommend two applications. This product can be applied in the Spring or Fall, but is temperature dependent.

SAFETY CONCERNS? Fiesta's active ingredient is chelated Iron which has the potential to cause slight eye, skin and breathing irritation if you come in contact with the product when it is wet. While this product is classified as a bio-herbicide the active ingredient is considered safe for humans and animals as soon as it has dried. Here is a link to Fiesta's MSDS  (material safety data sheet).

TAKE NOTE! Fiesta is registered with the Ohio EPA as an herbicide. The EPA makes no distinction between chemical and all-natural weed killers, they are all classified as herbicides. We are required by law to leave a pesticide application sign in your lawn after each treatment, which you may remove after 24 hours. We are also required to leave a product information sheet on your doorknob. Fiesta Natural Dandelion Control is water resistant 3 hours after application. Lawns are safe to walk on as soon as the product is dry (approximately 2-3 hours).

GRUB CONTROL + PREVENTION | Beneficial Nematodes


WHAT IS IT? Beneficial Nematodes are naturally occurring microscopic worms. We spray the Nematodes in a compost tea solution during early spring, when soil conditions are moist and the grubs are in their larval stage.

HOW DOES IT WORK? The Nematodes eat grub, flea and tick larvae. We use a combination product that includes two varieties of Beneficial Nematodes: Steinernema carpocapsae and Heterorhabditis bacteriophora. The first type remains where it is sprayed to attack passing grubs. The second type goes out and actively seeks grubs. We find that the combination of the two varieties give us the best results.

SAFETY CONCERNS? The types of Beneficial Nematodes we use only target lawn and garden pests. Beneficial Nematodes pose no safety risk to humans or animals. Lawns can be walked or played on immediately after application.

TAKE NOTE! In summers that are exceptionally hot and dry there may not be enough soil moisture to sustain the Nematodes. If this is the case, you may notice a surge of grub activity in the fall. Please contact us if you experience a problem. Nematodes do not over-winter in our climate, and need to be reapplied annually.



WHAT IS IT? CedarCure is sprayed on lawns experiencing an acute grub or insect infestation. The active ingredient is Cedarwood Oil.


  • White Grubs
  • Mole Crickets
  • Ants
  • Billbugs
  • Chinch Bugs
  • Cutworms
  • Sod Webworms
  • Ticks

HOW DOES IT WORK? Exposure to CedarCure immediately triggers the erosion of the exoskeleton of insect eggs and larvae, which results in their dehydration and death. Research on this product demonstrated a 100% mortality rate.

SAFETY CONCERNS? CedarCure has no effect on beneficial insects such as ladybugs and butterflies. This product is classified as a Minimum Risk Pesticide. This is a special class of pesticides that are not subject to federal registration requirements because their ingredients, both active and inert, are demonstrably safe for the intended use. Here is a link to CedarCure's MSDS (material safety data sheet).

TAKE NOTE! While this product is safe for people and pets, there is a strong Cedarwood Oil smell which may be offensive to some individuals.