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Customer Reviews

Everyone who walks by my house has commented on how early my lawn turned green this year, when everyone else’s was still brown. It was really obvious - so obvious that it made you look twice. I told them I had been using Elfner Organic Lawncare for the past few years, and had them Overseed in late Summer the past two years. Huge difference this year. Thank you!
— Pickerington, OH client

"The path to a healthy, lush, organic lawn has a bit of a learning curve, but once I really followed the helpful recommendations of Elfner Organic Lawncare, my lawn conditions improved dramatically. I really appreciate Jenn and Nate's patient guidance as my knowledge of organic lawn care grew proportionately with my grass. It really is a team effort and they provide a lot more service than just lawn treatments." Westerville Client | since 2015

"We’ve been using Elfner Organic Lawncare for several years and have been very pleased with the results. Our lawn looks great and we love the fact that we no longer add to the growing problem of dangerous chemicals seeping into our water supply. We also love that our pet can romp in the yard and not be in contact with dangerous chemicals and/or carry them into the house. We highly recommend Elfner Organic Lawncare. The difference in cost between chemical and organic is minimal and the benefits are huge." Westerville Client | since 2007

"Several years ago, we switched to organic lawn care with Elfner Organic Lawncare. We made the switch because of our belief that the production and use of enormous amounts of lawn chemicals has a devastating effect on the environment. Although we have occasional Dandelions, from pre-existing weeds, overall our lawn is thicker and more plush than ever before. They have been professional and have excellent customer service. I recommend their service highly!" Bexley Client | since 2007

"We moved into a new home and found a grub infestation. We were told the only way to eliminate our problem was with poisonous pesticides. We did not want our very active dog to absorb all the poisons on our lawn, nor did we wish a garden full of poisons. After consulting with Elfner Organic Lawncare, our grub problem was resolved and our beloved pet can play without worries of absorbing poisonous pesticides and we can eat our vegetables worry free. Our lawn is the healthiest, greenest lawn in our neighborhood and all with all natural ingredients. All we can say, is thank you!" Columbus Client | since 2008

"I really love organic lawncare as it gives me peace of mind when I want to walk barefoot to my garden and my pets walk, roll, and sleep on the lawn. Also, if you are bothered by Japanese beetles, then Elfner Organic Lawncare is GREAT. I used to have so many beetles on my flowers until I switched to their service. Their company uses Beneficial Nematodes, and I haven't had but a couple of beetles in all the years since I began using their service!" Westerville Client | since 2006

"Your service is excellent; and I feel the environment of our property is safer and healthier for our family and our pets by using your environmentally safe products." Columbus Client | since 2004

"My extensive gardens require my time so I leave the organic care of the lawn to Elfner Organic Lawncare. I am extremely satisfied with my "green" mixed lawn that is safe for children and pets."  Columbus Client | since 2005

"Our lawn continues to look healthier each year and requires less watering because the roots are deeper. We don't like treating the entire lawn with chemicals just to green-it-up quickly or to kill a few weeds, and believe an organic approach is much better for the environment. Elfner Organic Lawncare has been excellent to work with and always responds quickly to any of our questions." Delaware Client | since 2004

"We have been Elfner Organic Lawncare clients for over 5 years and couldn’t be more pleased with them." Powell Client | since 2005

"With the great lawn and yard care I get from Nate & Jenn I have a beautiful yard with healthy grass and plants. I enjoy the birds, bees, and butterflies who flock to our pesticide free landscape. I feel good about my grandchildren playing anywhere in our yard. I'm so very very glad I found Elfner Organic Lawncare!" Westerville Client | since 2005