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Our Pledge | 100% Transparency

It is our mission to provide Central Ohio homeowners with a safe alternative to chemical lawn treatments. When we launched our company in 2000, we made a choice to only utilize all-natural products. We want to ensure our clients' safety, as well as that of our workers.

We do not ask that our clients merely "trust us" that our products are all-natural. We provide homeowners with detailed information about our products, so they can judge for themselves the safety of what we use. It is Our Pledge to you that we will always be 100% transparent with the products we use on your lawn. Do you have more questions about our products? Don't hesitate to ask.

We only utilize all-natural products derived from plant, animal, and mineral sources. Our company does not cut corners on the quality of our products, nor do we use cheap "organic" substitutes such as Urea. We strive to achieve a harmonious balance between beautiful lawns and good earth stewardship.